ME Week—Thursday

As a dad, I believe that one of the most important things I can do is to figure out what my kids are really passionate about and give them the ability to pursue that passion. However God has wired them to think and dream and do—part of my role is to give them a pasture to play and experiment in.

Right is Write

Recently, I was at a morning meeting with a small group of guys who have been meeting for about two years. We’d been reading a book that a mentor and dear friend of mine had me study about 25-30 years ago. So, I decided to get these guys to write a thank you letter to my mentor.


“I think the things we want most in life, the things we think will set us free, are not the things we need.  And that's the tricky thing about life, really, that the things we want most will kill us.”  —Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz

Artists, Mystics, and Clowns

We need artists, mystics, and clowns speaking truth these days. Especially on days when we are arguing about the wrong stuff because we’re so angry that we’ve lost sight of the root of the real issues.

f/8 and Be There—Part 2

I've realized this taking pictures: life and photography are very similar. Sometimes, my life is a little out of focus. Now and then, I get over-exposed to the stuff of this world and my picture of God gets washed out by white noise.

The WASP Church

I was with my dear friend, Michael Haun, last week and we passed by a church and saw all the WASPs coming and going in the narthex (lobby). They were congregating in the Nestibule.

The Other Side of the Sign

I go to Julia’s to get a great cup of coffee, but I also go there because I need to be a little more uncomfortable these days. Don’t misunderstand me: there are some really cool people at Julia’s. What I love about it is that I also see people in my town that I wouldn’t normally see. Just sayin’.

f/8 and Be There.

As a parent, spouse, and friend, I’m tempted to just show up sometimes—preoccupied with something else I need to be doing or somewhere else I need to be. One of the great temptations in life is to lament lost moments while missing the ones right in front of our noses. 

Tuesday Tidbits—#2: A Handy Measuring Tool

How often have you found yourself in the middle of a store wondering if the item you’re looking at will fit where you want it to go at your house? Most people don’t think about the fact that your hand can be incredibly helpful in such situations.

Run Pee before the End Credits

Being movie buffs with bladders, that app allows us to know when to go—if you know what I mean. (You laugh now. You’ll download it in a minute.) That’s why I downloaded it years ago. But we found another great feature in the app. It tells you whether or not there are any extra scenes after the end credits.