Lima Beans

I don't like lima beans. Some people call them butter beans. Doesn't really matter to me what you call them. Either way they have neither a butter taste nor a lima taste—whatever that is.

What's that ancient symbol?

Over the years (as in decades), i've had a lot of people ask me about the "logo" on my website (also in the signature portion of my emails). Some people see it right away, and others have asked what ancient language it represents. 

Here's the deal…

Tree Line(s)

This maple tree in Maine had every fall color and would have made a beautiful picture — except that it had power lines running right through it. At first I was disappointed, and then I realized what a wonderful snapshot of life it uncovered for my head and heart.

I Still Have a Dream

Today, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech turned 51 years old. Today, was also my birthday, and it has become my custom to spend part of my birthday morning listening to Dr. King’s remarkable sixteen minute speech from 1963.

Relationship Currency

I was sitting with a friend at breakfast recently, and he said something I’ve never heard before. It was a passing comment for him, but it stopped me in my tracks.

Tuesday Tidbit—#6: Double Shot

I love watching birds from our kitchen window. I admit it. Just before dinner last night, one of my kids who shall remain unnamed for now, said, “Who in our family says, ‘Oh, look. There’s a Purple-Speckled Spotted Owl!’ ?” Everyone laughed except me. 

The End of the Frontier?

I had a dream in 1993. I wanted to ride on horseback across the country. No kidding. I wanted to start in the east in Virginia, go through the Cumberland Gap, pass through St. Louis, and then travel on to California.

The reason I wanted to take that ride was because of a lecture I’d heard in the mid-80s in Dr. David Smiley’s “History of the American West” class at Wake Forest University.

Some Things Don't Grow on Trees

While looking for the monk photo (yesterday’s post), I also found this gem from 1993. I’m sitting on a dead limb after climbing up this dead tree overlooking Frontier Ranch. First, I started laughing at the thought of doing that now. Or better yet... what I would say if one of my kids started to climb that tree. 

Brush With Greatness

While at Wake Forest, we’d occasionally hear a fraternity brother stand up at a Sigma Chi meeting and announce a “Brush with Greatness.” It was a sighting or encounter with a famous person. Well, I’ve had a lot of those in my life. But Tuesday was possibly the coolest one I’ve ever had.

The Frontier.2

   Are you looking for the frontier?

   Are you looking for a new place to start?

   'Cause if you're searching for the answers to your life

   You can find them at the frontier of your heart

The Frontier.1

As I look at this picture of the Frontier Ranch sign, it occurs to me that, sometimes, reflections only happen in the rear view. The sign is backwards only because I’m looking back at where I came from to get there.

In the Zone

I think that perhaps one of life’s most underrated pleasures is driving west through a state like Tennessee and having to be somewhere at a certain time. . . and then realizing that you have an extra hour to chill the next morning.

Mortar Management

I think most of us feel tremendous pressure to fit into society by being uniformly shaped bricks that look “normal”. Mortar is a lot easier to apply if things—or people—are the same or similar. Things—like companies and organizations—are much easier to build with bricks than with irregular stones.

Tuesday Tidbit—#5: Recycling Schedule

My son and I were rolling out the trash cans tonight, and I paused to ponder whether or not it was the week to roll out the recycling bins as well. As we rolled the cans out I thought of a way to solve this problem. If you live in Charlotte, you can do this on your iPhone:

A Moleskine Morning

At the end of last week, I spent some time at my painted-baton-passing friend’s house…He showed me a Moleskine journal that had his first watercolor painting in it, and I said, “Do you have a lot of those journals going way back?”

He chuckled and responded, “C’mon. Let me show you.”